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Axe Throwing & Escape Rooms

Step into a world of mystery, camaraderie, and brain-teasing fun where families come together to unlock their potential and create lasting memories. Our escape rooms and axe throwing have been carefully crafted to provide a thrilling experience that challenges your intellect, fosters teamwork, and transports you to intriguing worlds.

Man Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing Lanes

The Axe Throwing Lanes– a heart-pounding adventure that's set to redefine your idea of fun. Channel your primal energy as you grip the sturdy handle, eyes locked on the target. With a powerful swing, you release the axe, watching it spin through the air before finding its mark with a satisfying thud.

Whether you're aiming for the bullseye or engaging in friendly competition, our Axe Throwing Room promises hours of exhilaration for every outing. Perfect for team-building events, celebrations, or simply a unique night out with friends, this experience is designed to test your accuracy, focus, and competitive spirit.

Age Requirement: 13+

Attire: Close toed shoes are required 

Group Size: 5 per lane (multiple lanes available)

Time Limit: 60 mins


Adult- $25/60 mins

Military & First Responder- $22/ 60 mins

Blackbeard's Brig

Step into the past, transported to the thrilling era of swashbuckling Pirates. Your heart races with excitement as you embark on this unexpected journey, embracing the adventure that surrounds you. Yet, in this distant time, unfamiliar with its codes and norms, you find yourself in a dire situation—confronted by none other than the infamous Blackbeard and his ruthless crew.

Your attempts to explain and plead your innocence fall upon deaf ears, met only with stern glares and unyielding expressions. In a twist of fate, Blackbeard casts his judgment, decreeing that you shall spend eternity confined within the dark confines of his Brig. The Queen Anne's Revenge, his legendary Pirate Ship, now serves as your prison.

But do not lose hope, for amidst the shadows, a whisper of salvation reaches you. A glimmer of possibility shines through the despair, a secret path to freedom—forged by your intellect and resourcefulness. It is said that within the heart of this ship, a series of puzzles and enigmatic clues hold the key to your escape. Blackbeard's departure to pillage and plunder the town of Saint Augustine grants you a fleeting chance.

With the sands of time slipping away, you have been granted a mere 60 minutes to unravel the mysteries that surround you. The clock ticks relentlessly as you seek out the hidden fragments of freedom, piecing together the puzzle that will unlock the door to your salvation.

Group Size: 2-10

Time Limit: 60 mins


Adult- $35

Children (5-12)- $33

Military & First Responders- $32

BlackBearnd's Brig Escape Room
Lucky DUck Speakeasy Escape Room

The Luck Duck Speakeasy 

It is 1925 and prohibition is in full swing. You are part of a team initiating a crackdown on illegal sales and transportation of liquor. The evidence you need to identify the kingpin of the illegal activities is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy.

Within its walls lie the crucial pieces of evidence needed to unmask the enigmatic mastermind orchestrating these unlawful activities. Yet, a grim twist awaits you – a ticking bomb planted with intent to erase all traces of this underworld. The secrets of the speakeasy stand on the brink of obliteration, and it's your duty to ensure justice prevails.

The countdown has begun – 60 minutes is all you have. In this race against time, it falls upon you and your team to scour every nook and cranny, decipher cryptic messages, and piece together the puzzle of identities and connections. The elusive Boss must be unveiled, the bomb defused, and the truth exposed before chaos reigns.

As the seconds tick away, the tension mounts. Can your collective wits and resourcefulness unravel the web of deception, identify the puppeteer behind the curtains, and save the secrets from being swallowed by destruction? The fate of justice hangs in the balance, and only your determination can tip the scales.


Group Size: 2-10. 

Time Limit: 60 mins


Adult- $35

Children (5-12)- $33

Military & First Responder- $32

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