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Step Up Your Game

Our Rooms are a fun, interactive entertainment concept located in Saint Augustine, Florida. Our rooms are fully themed and designed to virtually transport you into another world! This is a real life adventure game designed for groups of friends, families, co-workers or complete strangers. Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve puzzles to earn your freedom and escape our rooms. You will have 60 minutes to escape so be quick! Book today to see if you have what it takes to escape!
Our goal at Xscape Our Rooms is to provide you with a one of a kind experience. Once you enter one of our rooms, you will be instantly transported into another place and time. You will have to rely on your wits, problem solving skills and teamwork to succeed and escape. Our rooms are designed to bring excitement, laughter and loads of adrenaline as you race against the clock to escape before time runs out. 
In today's society, it seems like all we know how to do is go to the movies, log onto sites, or use our phones for entertainment. Not anymore - We put you in the center of the action, YOU are in control, YOU must take action, YOU must be actively involved to ensure your team escapes in time.
We are locally owned and operated, and NOT part of a franchise, this allows us the creative freedom to design and change our rooms to offer a never ending variety of puzzles and challenges to our customers.

The Ultimate Team-Building Activity

Escape Room Items

Only the Best

Real-life room escape games are a type of adventure game where a group of people are trapped in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within a set time limit, typically 1 hour.

Outstanding Quality

Call for group pricing.

Cost for party room rental for 1 hour:
$35 Basic cleaning.
$50 -$100  cleaning food/drinks from the floor and walls.


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Escape Room Items

Don't Waste Time

Print and sign your Waivers in advance and save time
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Give A Gift

  • Birthday

  • ​Employee award/appreciation or

  • That hard to buy for person!

When you purchase you can choose an image or upload your own,

you can also create your own personal message, then print. The recipient redeems the gift certificate and selects their room, date and time.

Please contact us to redeem  certificates at this time.

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Fun and Excitement

At Xscape Our Rooms, we’re proud to showcase our selection of creative, mind-blowing escape rooms. Our games and themes cater to groups of all types and sizes. Whether you’re into a scary mystery or a strategic escape, we’ve got the room for you. Browse through our rooms below to learn more, and book with us today.

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Embrace the Challenge

You have been whisked away, back in time to the days of the Pirates. You seem to be enjoying yourself in this new adventure. Being unaware of the unique codes of conduct in this time period, you find yourself face to face with Blackbeard and his Pirate crew. After an attempt to explain and plead your case, all of which falls on deaf ears, Blackbeard sentences you to eternity in his Brig, deep in the bowels of his famous Pirate Ship, The Queen Anne's Revenge. All is not lost; you have been informed that there is a secret way out of the brig that can be uncovered by solving a series of puzzles and clues. Blackbeard has now gone ashore to pillage and plunder Saint Augustine, leaving you to ponder your fate.... you have 60 minutes to find the clues and Xscape before he returns!!


The number of participants for Blackbeard's Brig is 2-10.


Games are tailored to match group skill level, clues are given based on number of puzzles and time remaining, unless a maximum number is set up front. Making them suitable for all skill levels.

Blackbeard's Brig runs the 15th - 31st of  the month


Step Right In

It is 1925 and prohibition is in full swing. You are part of a team initiating a crackdown on illegal sales and transportation of liquor. The evidence you need to identify the kingpin of the illegal activities is contained within the infamous Lucky Duck Speakeasy. A bomb has been set to destroy the building and its secrets. You and your team have 60 minutes to find the evidence and xscape. You have just 60 minutes to identify the Boss and diffuse the bomb before detonation.... will you xscape in time?????


The  number of participants for The Lucky Duck Speakeasy is  2-10. 


Games are tailored to match group skill level, clues are given based on number of puzzles and time remaining, unless a maximum number is set up front. Making them suitable for all skill levels.

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Can You Escape?

You are a member of a building demolition team, and you are making a last sweep of an abandoned building before its leveled. You come across 2 previously undiscovered chambers within the building. The chambers seem to contain a collection of artifacts, past, present and perhaps even the future... with an apparent link to Da Vinci, the universe and more. Unfortunately, the door has closed and you are locked inside, with only 60 minutes before auto-detonation occurs. Clues for your xscape and survival are contained within the chambers... will your crew be able to decipher them and xscape in time?????

The Chamber is designed as a competition game, there are 2 rooms that are identical, teams race each other to see who can escape first (it can also be played in single room mode without competing against another team)

The number of participants in each Chamber is 2-6. 

Suitable for intermediate to expert players. We recommend The Chamber to those customers that have played at least one Xscape room in the past.


Kids Approve!

This Saint Augustine Escape Room designed just for kids ages 5-8!  We are very excited to announce the area's first Xscape Room for our next generation of Xscape Room Enthusiasts!!!

This is a fun, fully interactive game where youngsters will utilize a little brainpower and lots of teamwork to solve puzzles, unlock secrets, solve riddles and unlock locks to prove they are really Smarter Than A Monkey!

Get them out of the house and away from technology, and get them fully immersed in a hands on, interactive real life adventure!!

Call now for more information and to book their grand adventure!

Game run time is about 30-45 mins depending on group size. 


Queen Anne's Revenge



Secure the treasure

Taps into the history of Blackbeard

and Queen Anne’s Revenge you and your band of adventurous

treasure hunters have heard many tails of Blackbeard’s

pirating treasure and think you have found the perfect

opportunity to board his ship and steal it while he is ashore

pillaging and plundering Saint Augustine. In anticipation of

such an attempt Blackbeard has set a series of unique and

challenging tasks that will require not only creative thinking

but patients to be successful. In fair warning don’t get to

wrapped up in accomplishing every task to perfection, this

approach will fall right into Blackbeard’s devious plan to foil all

would be foes.

The number of participants for Queen Anne’s Revenge is  2-10. 

Games are tailored to match group skill level, clues are given based on number of puzzles and time remaining, unless a maximum number is set up front. Making them suitable for all skill levels.

Queen Anne runs the 1 - 15th of every month

Now Booking Virtual Reality VR Room - Pirates Plague Call for availability

Janna Layson

Being my first time doing an escape room I wasn't too sure about it. However, after going through Blackbeard's Brig I had a blast! Staff was super friendly, very informative and worked us in without a reservation. It is a great place to go for a date night as well. Definitely makes you stay on your toes and keeps your mind thinking. Great environment and can't wait to take on a new room. Thanks for the perfect date night y'all. :)

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Questions, comments or special requests? Feel free to reach out to us today.

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